PMCC CV Biobank

Enabling innovative advancements of Canadian cardiovascular research through centralized biospecimen storage, integrative data collection and global partnerships.

The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre and Cardiovascular (PMCC CV) Biobank is an investigator initiated biorepository storing human biospecimens and clinical data. Founded in 2013, the PMCC CV Biobank is a core University Health Network (UHN) infrastructure at Toronto General Hospital (TGH) that facilitates the discovery and validation of novel biomarkers, aiming to achieve personalized medicine in Cardiology, Vascular and Cardiovascular surgery.

About Us

The PMCC CV Biobank is an established, reputable enterprise that provides vital support for a wide range of cardiovascular research. Read about our program, values, mission, and more.

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The PMCC CV Biobank provides a wide range of services, including providing clinical health data and biospecimen resources for scientific research. Learn about how we can support your study needs.


The PMCC CV Biobank has a collection of publications by authors who have used the Biobank to facilitate their research. Read through their articles or use our search feature to find articles about a specific organ, modality, or disease.